Björn Swanson's new restaurant Fält in Berlin


Michelin star chef Björn Swanson is opening his own restaurant in Berlin. The chef opened Fält on Vorbergstrasse in Schöneberg after leaving the Michelin-starred restaurant Golvet in the fall. The goal of the Berliner with Nordic roots: absolute focus on the product. No major distractions. What the menu will look like is not yet known, but it should be clear to everyone that the prices won't be exactly cheap. By the way, the store in Schöneberg was almost free, as the Morgenpost reports. The owner of the current restaurants there is retiring for health reasons. It is still unclear whether the Fält will be as big a success as Swanson's previous stations, but times are good. The star chef quickly made the Golvet restaurant in Berlin one of the top addresses in Berlin. By the way, the name is derived from the Nordic word field. The field kitchen in Berlin opens on October 1st, then we will see whether the concept is successful.

Essen im Restaurant Fält in Berlin

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