Chocolate Chips from Naturally Pam


After it had already become clear what would now be the first product from Naturally Pam, the new brand from influencer Pamela Reif, it is now official. Naturally Pam's Chocolate Chips will now be the first to order. Pamela Reif announced this on her Instagram account, or on the Naturally Pam account, which already has over 100

has 000 followers

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Chocolate Chips by Naturally Pam The special thing about the chocolate chips are the ingredients. In contrast to classic products, no cane sugar should be used. The chocolate is also 100% organic. The chocolate chips are organic, vegan and gluten-free. The packaging is also special. The chips are wrapped in a cellulose film and are therefore plastic-free and biodegradable. Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives are also avoided. This means that Naturally Pam's chocolate chips could at least prove to be a healthier alternative for anyone who wants to pay attention to the ingredients when baking.
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Chocolate Chips von Naturally Pam

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