The Pamela Reif Advent calendar 2020


Since today, September 13th, Pamela Reif's new Advent calendar can be ordered. In an announcement on her Instagram profile, the influencer promises a box with 24 clean snacks that don't just consist of bars, as she emphasizes. All snacks are vegan and without refined sugar, but contain 100% natural ingredients. In addition, in the 2020 version of your Advent calendar, most snacks should be gluten-free. The design of the box is relatively simple. On a pink background there is a Christmas tree in contrasting colors, and around the scene there are small doors in a circular shape. In her Instagram story, Pamela Reif explains the reason for creating such a special calendar.
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It's important to her that you don't feel like giving up, especially at Christmas time having to give up something. At the same time, she would think it would be a shame if the successes built up over the last 11 months were simply thrown away. She wants to make every day better for buyers without having to cheat, which ultimately has a positive effect on the body. It is sweetened with dried fruits such as dates or figs, and sometimes with coconut blossom sugar, which, according to Pamela Reif, is the best sugar alternative that can be better utilized by the body and is not converted into fat as quickly. In addition to the design, the differences between the 2020 version and last year are that there are 24 new products, where the focus is still on bars, but there are also other products such as cookies. According to his own statement, Reif has also become a little more willing to experiment with the flavors; last year the focus was on nuts, chocolate and vanilla, this year there will also be other flavors. You can also read all the information in the enclosed booklet, including the nutritional information that is important for many athletes, especially the calories. With her Advent calendar, Pamela Reif will once again be able to sweeten the wait until Christmas for many people in 2020. Order now from Foodist

Der Adventskalender von Pamela Reif 2020

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