The PoBeau mask in the test


Face and hair masks are a thing of the past. Now the beauty industry is bringing a new product to the competitive market, PoBeau. But what is this revolutionary product?! PoBeau is the beauty mask for the bottom. The colorfully packaged masks promise a smooth, flawless and firm bottom. For example, to combat cellulite with the PoBeau Anti Cellutite and Toning Mask. The founder has set herself the goal of giving bottom care the same importance as facial care. We tested the product, which generated attention throughout Germany through the television series The Lions' Den and promises a velvety-soft bottom. According to, the product should be applied to clean skin and left on for up to ten minutes. The mask is then massaged in. With us, PoBeau has found enthusiastic users who definitely recommend the product. The founder Dr. Sandy Glückstein has achieved her goal: PoBeau is now an integral part of our beauty routine. The various masks are offered on the PoBeau website and on Amazon starting at €14.9. Try it out, it's worth it!

Pobeau Maske im Test

Author: Tom Schmidt, part of the Team. Contact to the author: