A visit to the Buddha Bowl Restaurant


Today we visit one of the three Buddha Bowl restaurants in northern Germany and look at the menu. In addition to the location in Hanover, there are also other locations. The restaurant chain is expanding, so the many guests probably support the concept. In Osnabrück and Lübeck you can also find the increasingly popular restaurants. It's all about bowls here. Since the Buddha Bowl Restaurant can definitely be described as a trendy restaurant, you should make a reservation in advance. It was correspondingly full when we visited. The atmosphere in the restaurant is cozy and modern. However, we had to wait a bit before we could place our order, which of course was due to the number of guests. However, when we were finally served, the staff were always friendly and the drinks also came relatively quickly. Among other things, we ordered the VitaBowl, a PowerBowl and sushi. The food tasted fresh and delicious. The bowls were beautifully prepared and definitely photo-worthy. Overall the prices are okay. As an example, a Sushi Maki Mix costs €10.50, but you get a total of 24 pieces of sushi. A mango salad costs €8.90. When the weather is nice, you can also sit outside in front of the house and enjoy the sun while eating. Overall, the Buddha Bowl restaurants are worth a visit, whether in Hanover, Lübeck or Osnabrück.

Buddha Bowl

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