Naturally Pam - This is the first product


Pamela Reif's new label Naturally Pam wasn't actually supposed to launch until January 2021. But we don't have to wait long for the first product, the shop should go online on November 29, 2020 and the first product can be purchased. Pamela Reif would like to enable her fans to try out her new product during the Christmas season, because it can be used well in baked goods. In response to your cookbook, you also repeatedly received questions about where you could get the good quality product in question. AMP From various other statements and tips from the influencer, it is now clear that your first product will most likely be chocolate chips. Pamela Reif already posted a picture on Instagram in which she was holding the packaging face down in her hand.
Notes on other products:

But there are also initial indications of the other products that are scheduled to launch in January. The terms and conditions on the Naturally PAM website show that nutritional supplements are apparently intended to be sold. Under point 1.3 you will find the following warning: "Naturally Pam expressly points out that the products offered are not medicines and that dietary supplements do not replace a balanced and varied diet.". Dietary supplements would also fit well with the general concept of the Naturally Pam brand, for example only products whose names can be pronounced and are natural should be used. It is now almost standard for products of this type to completely avoid artificial flavors, colors and simple cane sugar. Great importance was also placed on the packaging. It should be particularly sustainable. The whole thing even goes so far that certain products have not yet been implemented because no solution for sustainable packaging has been found, as Pamela Reif explained in an interview with Forbes magazine. It remains to be seen which product range will finally be rolled out for the final release in January.

Das ist das erste Produkt der neuen Marke von Pamela Reif

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