Recipes from Pamela Reif at Claus in Karlsruhe


Eat like Pamela Reif? This is possible at Claus in Karlsruhe. The ice cream cafe and restaurant exclusively offers dishes from the fitness influencer on its menu. But everything started out a little less healthy. Initially, Claus on Lammstrasse in Karlsruhe was primarily known for its ice cream specialties. First only in summer, then the offer was expanded to cover the entire year. And it was quite mobile, because initially there was no shop, just a small sales van. When a suitable location was finally found, the offering was expanded to include coffee, cakes and healthy bowls and soups. For example, you can find The Green Bowl on the menu, with quinoa, avocado and spinach. But specialties are also represented that you cannot find elsewhere. There are savory waffles topped with salmon and avocado. And of course Pamela Reif Bowls. With over 4 million followers on YouTube and 6 million followers on Instagram, she is probably Germany's biggest social media star. She is known there for her fitness content. In May 2019 she launched the cookbook You Deserve This, with many healthy recipes for a healthy lifestyle. Claus now serves selected recipes from exactly this book. According to Pamela Reif, recipes were specifically selected that were popular with the community. For example, the menu now includes chocolate-raspberry pudding with chia seeds or a sweet banana-coconut scrambled egg. Prices range between €5.20 for the pudding and €11.90 for a fitness bowl with chicken and broccoli rice. For anyone who would like to try out Pamela's dishes but isn't a master chef themselves, a visit to the Restaurant Claus in Karlsruhe could be worthwhile. And of course for everyone who loves good ice cream.

Eine Bowl im Claus Karlsruhe

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