This was the first weekend of the Christmas mile in Blockland


The Christmas mile in Bremen Blockland also began on the first weekend of Advent. The campaign, which was launched as an alternative to the Christmas market, was able to attract some people to Blockland despite the cold temperatures. The weather at least cooperated, because despite the cold and constantly below 5 degrees, the sun could at least be seen every now and then

The audience was mixed. On the one hand, many racing cyclists ventured outside and used the stands and stalls to warm up with tea or mulled wine. But many walkers and more leisurely cyclists also made their way. The Corona rules could definitely be adhered to. The Christmas mile was well attended throughout, but there was no rush, simply because of the size of the block area. For many people in Bremen, their own four walls were probably more comfortable. The police also patrolled the block and checked whether the hygiene measures were being adhered to. If you haven't ventured out this weekend yet, you can do so until December 20th, the fourth weekend in Advent, on Saturday and Sunday. As a reward, there are many different delicacies from the participating companies as well as handicrafts to marvel at.

Das Gasthaus Dammsiel hatte ebenfalls einen Stand aufgebaut

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