New menu in the train’s on-board restaurant


Deutsche Bahn has revised its menu in the on-board restaurant on ICE trains. Above all, it should now have become fresher and more varied. In addition to the usual dishes, vegetarian and vegan dishes are now increasingly being offered. In addition, the railway is expanding its offering with special promotional dishes, for example during the barbecue season there are beef spare ribs with fries and pumpkin dip and, for vegetarians, marinated cauliflower with colorful grains, beetroot and shepherd's cheese. But not only main courses are offered, especially those who are out and about often in the morning will be able to have breakfast in the on-board restaurant on their commute in the future. A classic breakfast is offered for €5.40 and a French breakfast for €4.90. Various extras can be ordered for an additional charge. As a snack in between, the DB now also offers multigrain rolls or tempts with a pretzel snack. But the good old currywurst can still be found, it costs €4.90. A classic, however, has now been added to the main courses. There you can now find Chili Con Carne, with sour cream and rolls for €8.90. For dessert you can enjoy a brownie or try the rice pudding for €3.90. The new offer in the board restaurant is definitely worth a visit on your next ICE train ride!

Die Bordgastronomie im ICE der Bahn

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