Breakfast at Cafe Buur in Cologne


The Belgian Quarter in Cologne is home to what is now probably the most famous cafe in Germany. The breakfast served there has had an enormous reach, especially through Instagram, and so I wanted to convince myself of the dishes, which were at least visually very appealing. The account, which currently has 116,000 subscribers, always shows the most colorful and crazy creations. But is everything like in the pictures in reality? Yes, there is actually no cheating. During my visit I was served delicious pancakes, topped with vanilla ice cream, a chocolate ball filled with coconut cream and fresh strawberries. It was actually an extraordinary pleasure that I have never experienced in the same way in any other cafe. The visual presentation alone is definitely worth a photo, which is confirmed by the many other posts on Instagram. Of course, I also looked at other items on the menu. For example, I was able to take a look at a dish called Flower Steak. Behind the flowery name are two cauliflower steaks with avocado cream, pomegranate boule, hummus and spicy mushrooms. The whole thing was served on a wooden board, of course again a visual highlight. But pan-fried dishes can also be found on the menu, even if we are slowly moving on from breakfast towards brunch. For example, there is Shakshuka, a dish that consists of poached eggs in tomato sauce with chili peppers, cumin and parsley. But it's not just the food that's special at Cafe Buur, the entire ambience follows a modern style, with lots of wooden elements so it never looks cold but always cozy. The prices are also completely reasonable for the overall package offered. Overall, a clear recommendation to enjoy breakfast here, no matter what time of day, in Cafe Buur in the Belgian quarter in Cologne, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt.

Leckerer Kaffe im Cafe Buur

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