Foodist Advent Calendar 2023 by Sarah Harrison: price, contents and availability


From October 4th, Sarah Harrison's Foodist Advent Calendar 2023 will be officially available. Then, according to information on the website, you can look forward to snacks, products for cooking and baking as well as beauty and decoration. The whole thing runs in cooperation with brands such as Samion and Purelei. The price of the Foodist Sarah Harrison Advent Calendar 2021 is 64.99 and can be purchased at Foodist online shop can be ordered. Not much is known yet about the exact contents of Sarah Harrison's 2021 Foodist Advent Calendar. Only hints about cookies, fruity bars, high-quality spreads and baking mixes can be read from the description. One or two care products will probably also be found in the Advent calendar. Sarah Harrison's Advent calendar does not have the classic doors. Instead, there are 24 additional small packages in the rectangular box that can be opened individually. According to the company's own information, the total value of the products is over €150, which is more than twice as high as the actual price. If you're interested in the Advent calendar now, you should probably get it quickly in the Order Foodist Onlineshop before the calendar is no longer available.

Der Foodist Adventskalender 2021 von Sarah Harrison

Sources: Foodist Website

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