Eat deliciously at the Pizzeria Grano in Munich


The Pizzeria Grano is slightly hidden on Sebastiansplatz in Munich. The perfect place to briefly escape from everyday life in a cozy atmosphere. The Italian restaurant is not just a pizzeria, you can also enjoy a cafe on the terrace during the day or explore the well-stocked bar in the evening. The menu offers typical Italian pizza classics, for example you can get a Margherita pizza for just €5.90. The Lardo pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella, cinnamon bacon and peppers costs €8.50. The Pizzeria Grano also has special lunch offers, so a pizza costs €2 less. Overall, very reasonable prices for the good location in Munich city center. As a starter you can try an antipasti plate for €7.50 or try a small side salad for €3.50. The Grano is open on weekdays and Saturdays from 11:30 a.m., Sunday is a closed day. Given the location and the low prices, it is not surprising that the pizzeria not far from Marienplatz fills up quickly, so it is advisable to reserve in advance. The interior furnishings create an Italian flair and make a visit a pleasant stay, with the potential to become your new favorite Italian restaurant for in between meals.

Die Bar der Pizzeria Grano in München

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