Delicious steak in the La Boheme restaurant in Schwabing


A visit to the La Boheme restaurant in Munich Schwabing is certainly something special. It can definitely be considered one of the better addresses in Munich, although it still exudes a hip and trendy atmosphere. La Boheme is a French steakhouse. Accordingly, the menu is dominated by meat, so it is not a suitable address for vegetarians. The restaurant also offers a Sunday brunch, with typical French breakfast specialties such as fine cheese and fine truffles. You also have the option of ordering unlimited other specialties such as salmon or eggs from the so-called gourmet menu. The brunch offer at La Boheme costs €49. Certainly not a cheap price, but nothing special in the league in which the restaurant plays. After all, the steakhouse can be found in the Michelin Guide. In addition to the good cuisine, the sociable and relaxed atmosphere is also praised there. But let's get to La Boheme's specialty, the steak. Six different variants are offered, from the simple Black Angus steak from Argentina, which costs €29 for the 250g piece, to the Black Aberdeen steak, where you have to pay €74 for 300g. A special feature at La Boheme is certainly the steak sharing. A large platter can be ordered here for groups of 3 or more people, with 250g of steak per person and a price of €39 will be charged. Potato dishes can be ordered as side dishes, fries are certainly the classic there, but if you like you can also have some vegetables served with them. Depending on the day of the week, the restaurant is open from 12 p.m. or only for dinner from 5 p.m. The Steakhouse La Boheme in Munich Schwabing on Leopoldstrasse is certainly not for every day, but even more so for special occasions, regardless of age group.

Das Restaurant La Boheme in München

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