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The products from Naturally Pam, Pamela Reif's new brand, were previously only available to buy in the online shop. But that is now changing, from Thursday the Naturally Pam products will also be available in many DM branches. There, the influencer also revealed in which DM branches Naturally Pam products will be available to purchase. As the influencer announced on her Instagram account on Saturday, it will be available from Thursday the 10th

01.2021, Naturally Pam products are available for purchase in almost all DM branches. Apparently, however, Naturally Pam products were already available to buy in some DM branches the weekend before. As Pamela Reif announced in her Instagram story, sales in the DM markets were initially a test run. If the campaign is well received, a decision will be made as to whether Naturally Pam's products will have a place on the DM shelves in the long term. Judging from the first pictures, the range of Naturally Pam products in the DM branches is very limited; only the products that are on the display (see picture) are available. These include some of the Naturally Pam Protein Bars and the popular Chocolate Chips will also be available to buy at DM. According to the first reactions that Pamela Reif published on her Instagram account, the demand is at least very high.

Naturally Pam Aufsteller in einer DM Filiale

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