New opening sander restaurant in Bonn!


The time has come soon: the Sander Group is opening another location of its gastronomy concept in Bonn, in the new Urban Soul district. The restaurant with bar and deli will act as the main tenant of the new quarter between the main train station and the pedestrian zone. After the Frankfurter Zeil, Bonn is now the company's second gastronomic location. Accordingly, a similar culinary concept can be expected. It starts with a rich breakfast menu. You can find both hearty classics with ham and cheese as well as modern versions with avocado. There is also finely toasted house bread or traditional roll specialties. In general, it is noticeable that the menu is very rich and colorful. The main course offered is the classic currywurst as well as specialties such as a corn poulade breast in a craft beer marinade. For dessert, you can indulge in a chocolate mousse or try the chia-coconut rice pudding with berry groats, blueberries and coconut chips. Overall, the prices can be described as moderate to cheap, making it a good destination for a quick trip. A Viennese style pork schnitzel costs €11.90, while a tomato soup costs €4.90. The drinks prices are also within the normal range, a 0.5l Pils is available for €4.90, and you can also get half a liter of apple juice for the same price. Overall, the sander restaurant in Bonn will certainly become a popular nightlife spot that impresses with good food and a modern ambience.

Das neue Sander Restaurant in Bonn

Author: Tom Schmidt, part of the Team. Contact to the author: